KPHF is runner up for Bauer’s Grow the Game Award

In September of 2022, Bauer hosted elite hockey dealers in Las Vegas for their annual product conference for the 23-24 hockey season. In the presentation wrapping up the conference, Bauer announced 3 organizations that had helped to grow the game of hockey over the years. The Kris Perani Hockey Foundation was fortunate enough to be recognized as a runner up for the contributions it has made to help grow the game as well as keep kids playing the great game that they love. As part of the recognition, the KPHF was fortunate enough to receive an award for $10,000 to help continue to grow the game for years to come. We are humbled by the generosity of Bauer and know how much this financial contribution will help the hockey community. Regardless of the year, we will always have families that are in need of assistance in order to continue to play the game of hockey. It is heart warming to see the faces of children who did not think they would be able to play, receive a letter explaining that the foundation will do what it takes to keep them on the ice. Without a strong hockey community like we have, this would not be possible.

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