krisandbob160Our Mom (Kris Perani) loved hockey. She loved watching all the levels of hockey from the mites being put into the correct position, to the hard hitting at the Bantam level. Our family established this foundation in her honor because hockey was a sport she loved, and a sport she grew up with. She really understood the sacrifices that families make to be involved with the sport, and she understood the cost of hockey at all levels from house to AAA.

One of the reasons Mom loved minor hockey so much was because of the family atmosphere we had on each of our teams. Robert’s teams were “ours” because we¬†always felt like we were all members, and most of those families are still friends to us so many happy years later.

Mom would have been proud to support our foundation!

Lahna Perani Ward, daughter
Robert Perani, son

The Kris Perani Hockey Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3)
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