Description of Donations

As a family that played hockey, the Perani family knows firsthand how expensive hockey is. No matter what age group or hockey level, it’s an expensive sport – from classes, league fees, equipment, travel expenses, ice fees and more. Ice and league fees alone can cost as much as $2500 a year.

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Starting off with registration/application fees and deposits, those can range anywhere from $40 – $150, and that’s before you’re even on the ice. A single season can cost anywhere from $400 – $2000 per child, and that cost usually goes up as your child gets older. And then you’ve got all the hockey equipment they will need for on the ice. Families with kids on travel teams can pay as much as $6000 – $8000 each year.

KPHF was established to help those families who may not be able to cover all the hockey expenses (excluding equipment). If you’d like to apply for sponsorship in the 2019 season, click here.