About Kris Perani

krisandbob160When it came to mothers, Kris Perani pretty much had super powers. Like most mothers, life can get incredibly chaotic. Always dropping the kids off at practices, watching their games, cooking family dinners, helping with homework, and being active in the community – it gets tiring for pretty much anyone. But Kris Perani managed to do it all with a smile on her face. Something many strive for but few accomplish.

Kris loved being busy, especially when it came to her family. She loved being needed and being in the midst of all the action. The hockey rink was practically a second home to her, watching her kids and grandkids play, and no matter what time day or night; she was always the biggest cheerleader in the crowd. Though she was never a hockey player herself, she always offered tips and encouragement to all the players.

Parents are meant to leave a long-lasting mark on their children’s lives, and that’s exactly what Kris Perani did for her children Robert and Lahna. She taught them so many things, but the most important thing she taught them was that family came first no matter what. She showed her children what a loving mother looked like, and after her passing, the kids wanted to continue to honor her memory. Just because she was no longer here didn’t mean people couldn’t benefit from her radiating smile and contagious enthusiasm, which is how the Kris Perani Hockey Foundation (KPHF) came about.

What started as a small way to remember their mother has turned into a full-scale non-profit that has helped hundreds of kids follow their dreams onto the ice. Growing up, the Perani family quickly learned that the sport wasn’t cheap. Not only was it one of the most expensive sports because of ice fees and equipment, it was one of the most time-consuming.

The Perani kids saw how much time and money their family spent on the sport and they soon realized not everyone was as lucky as they were. It’s a reality that many families can’t afford the costs to let their kids play hockey. And just like that, the KPHF knew its mission – to help families cover the costs of ice, club and travel fees with the help from sponsors and private donors.

Robert and Lahna wanted to create a non-profit that their mother would have been proud to support and they truly believe this would have been a cause she would have immediately jumped on board to help.

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