Identical Quadruplets all Make Travel Hockey Team

I have a rare set of identical quadruplet boys (one in 40 million!), and a 16-year-old who all love the game of ice hockey. Their rooms are plastered with dream boards and goal pyramids about playing college hockey and the NHL. They visualize and dream of their future and cannot fathom life without hockey. They are big dreamers and have inspired their teammates in such a positive way as role models – they are truly game changers.

Every year we have to decide where and if we can play, at what level, and how will that impact our financial situation – everything from the logistics on driving, splitting up, etc. It’s quite a daunting task, while we focus on parenting, work, and keeping them focused on school and hockey. This year our oldest will be going off to college on an academic scholarship to Notre Dame, and one of the deciding factors was his passion for hockey. They have a competitive club team he can play for, and as he said, he couldn’t see going to school and working hard and not playing hockey.

The quadruplets are all straight-A students and are striving to play AAA hockey this year so they can get noticed by Division 1 and Division 3 college hockey programs. To keep all four of them playing at a high-level, we will need your help.

We have fundraised every year and somehow raised enough money to keep them playing and loving the game of hockey while staying focused on school.

It has been harder and harder to get help as the economy gets worse. Meanwhile the boys are getting better, and want to play at higher levels to have a shot at playing college hockey and maybe, just maybe the NHL!

The boys focus on two things – hockey and school. As I said, they are straight-A students, and take 3-5 AP classes every year, all while maintaining a 4.5 GPA. They are leaders on their team and their participation in hockey has taught them about hard work, preparation, working with others, setting goals/dreams, eating healthy and staying fit. They inspire and motivate their teammates with their passion and work ethic and though quads are usually the smallest kids on the team, they are 100% heart.


Roge, Jackie and the Karma boys, Lennon, Mark Nolan and Sabin, and older brother Roge