Hockey World & Kris Perani Hockey Foundation: Forever Linked

Peranis Hockey WorldHockey World and the Kris Perani Hockey Foundation will forever be linked. It’s the importance of family and the sport they loved that started both.

To say the Perani family was big into hockey would be an understatement. In 1976, Bob Perani started Hockey World with his flagship store in Flint Michigan, which has since turned into a chain of stores with more than 20 locations as well as a huge presence online including one of the most visited ecommerce stores for hockey players across the country.

Since an early age, hockey and family dinners were the two things synonymous with the Perani family. Kris Perani, Bob’s beloved wife, spent all her time at the hockey rink. Hockey was in the family blood. After the passing of both Bob and Kris, the kids in the family (Robert and Lahna) decided to carry on the family business and the Kris Perani Hockey Foundation (KPHF) was started in honor of their mother.

Everyone in the Perani family knew how much hockey allowed them to bond. There were the ups and downs, the bumps and bruises, the wins and loss, but it was always family first, all the time.

While Hockey World continues to go strong online and in each of their 24 locations (Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Tennessee, Texas and Canada) selling every piece of hockey equipment imaginable for both amateurs and professionals, it remains at its core a family business. It is still run and operated by Bob’s children and hand-selected employees dating back almost 30 years.

The Perani family continues to take pride in their store and their foundation, which serve as a memory to honor and remember both of their loving parents and continue to make a huge difference in the hockey world.


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