Our Applicants

Parker-Nevicato-2Parker Nevicato
My name is Parker Nevicato and I am from Grand Blanc, Michigan. In the fall of 2014 I will be starting my junior year at Grand Blanc High School. I currently play for the Michigan Warriors U16 AAA. I have been sponsored by the Kris Perani Hockey Foundation for 6 years now and it has meant a lot to me and my family. The foundation helped assist my family after my parents were divorced and during the two times my mom battled cancer. The Kris Perani Hockey Foundation makes it possible for kids from any background to play the greatest game in the world. [Read More…]



Landon CashAsher Postman
September marks the beginning of my favorite season: hockey! My name is Asher Postman, and this will be my final year playing youth hockey since I’m entering my senior year. My two choices are to play JV with a club or skate at the Grand Rapids Youth Foundation for free. I am a dedicated player always looking to improve, but the JV team is very expensive and out of my family’s financial reach. I plan to contribute most of my earnings from my ranch job, and take any extra jobs I can, but it still won’t be enough. For this reason, I am approaching your organization to ask if you would consider sponsoring me. [Read More…]





Paige-GRAHA Squirt 2Lennon, Mark Nolan, Sabin and Roge
I have a rare set of identical quadruplet boys (one in 40 million!), and a 16-year-old who all love the game of ice hockey. Their rooms are plastered with dream boards and goal pyramids about playing college hockey and the NHL. They visualize and dream of their future and cannot fathom life without hockey. They are big dreamers and have inspired their teammates in such a positive way as role models – they are truly game changers. [Read More…]